Anatomy: Online guide to human anatomy by choosing a system of the body

Animals: All kinds of information of amphibians, arthropods, birds, fish, echinoderms, insects, mammals, mollusks, reptiles, and sharks

Atlapedia Online: Full color physical maps, political maps and key facts and statistics for various countries

Copyright: United States Copyright Office

Dictionary Online dictionary with audio pronunciation, example sentences, synonyms, word origin, word of the day, word games, featured terms, literary and grammar terms, and commonly confused words

Elements of Style Classis reference for the principal requirements of plain English writing style, and principles of composition most commonly violated

Encyclopedias: Reference desk with links to many different encyclopedias from Britannica to Bushido Martial Arts to Plants, etc.

FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation’s site that has quick facts, explanations for what they investigate, news, and resources

Historic Events: Historic events and birthdays that occurred on a selected day of a selected year

How Things Work: Things Work Links to How Stuff Works, trivias, folklore and mythology, cliché finder, urban legends, and more

Language: Look up English words and translate into many different languages

Language: Translate words into many different languages

Libraries: Links to all kinds of libraries (academic, film, government, law, medical, etc.), headlines, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and many other reference links

Names: Popular names, unusual names, Shakespearean names, native American names, unique names, and biblical names

Names: Etymology and history of first names

Names: Name generators for kinds of people and creatures, extreme fantasy names, dark elf names, evil names, goblin names, pirate ship names, vampire names, Western names, and more

Parts of a Book: Descriptions of the most common parts of a book from the front matter (title page, dedication, contents, etc.) to text (part titles, chapters, tables, etc.) to the back matter (appendixes, glossary, index, etc.)

Plagiarism: Check for plagiarism in documents, find out if your web page has been plagiarized, and more

Police & Law Enforcement: News, features, agencies, products, services, tools, supplies, and much more

Punctuation Marks: Click on a punctuation mark on the tree and get definitions of how it is used

Quick Facts: Quick encyclopedia with facts from around the world

Quotations: Familiar quotations, passages, phrases and proverbs

Slang Dictionary: American and English slang dictionary with popular words, offensive words, slang maps, and slang thesaurus

States and Capitals: All kinds of information about the states, commonwealths and territories

Writers Beware Alerts: Warnings about literary fraud, schemes, scams and pitfalls for writers

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