Marketing Tips for Writers

Marketing with Keywords

  1. • Website: Use the genres in which you write as keywords.
  2. • Homepage: Use your name and genre in the title.
  3. • Blog: Use keywords when you blog. If your blog doesn’t have your name, use your name as a keyword.

Marketing with Links

  1. • Include your website link in your signature every time possible.
  2. • Connect with groups, forums or associations in your genre.
  3. • If you write ebooks, join EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection)
  4. • Use the links to groups, forums or associations to promote your writing business by writing a blog, an article, hosting a chat, or inviting author members to your blog.
  5. • Follow editors that fit your genre on Twitter or Facebook.
  6. • Consider having your own yahoo group to promo yourself and other authors in your genre. Connect it to the Yahoo Promotion Loop Schedule.

Marketing with Promotional Items

  1. • Find unique places that fit an element of your story to leave bookmarks.
  2. • Leave bookmarks at a place you will do a book signing.
  3. • Consider doing a book signing or leaving bookmarks at stores specific to your genre or story element, such as a guest ranch, a sporting goods store, a gay bookstore, or an adult bookstore.

Marketing with a Calendar
• Make your calendar (Yahoo) public so your readers can find out what you are doing for book signings, speaking engagements, blog tours, etc.

Branding Your Writing

  1. • Examples from Kayelle Allen: Erotic Science Fiction Romance; Romance Lives Forever (her immortal character stories); Unstoppable heroes, Uncompromising love, Unforgettable passion
  2. • Example of Patricia Davids: Bold drama, rich faith…pure romance
  3. • Gordon Kessler: Writers Matrix
  4. • Paige Tyler: Sexy, Romantic Fiction

Useful Links
A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing blog
Romance Author Promo Call Blog: A list of places seeing author goodies for conventions, book fairs, etc. with contests for authors
Yahoo Promotion Loop Schedule is a schedule showing what days various groups allow promotions

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