The Art of a Writer’s Email Signature

Goals of a Good Signature

  1. Reflect the writer’s personality
  2. Provide important information
  3. Promote your works

Elements of a Professional Writer’s Email Signature

  1. Your name (or pen name)
  2. Your website URL
  3. Your email information

General Tips

  1. Make your website URL a link, but do write out the URL address
  2. Keep it simple, 3-4 lines is best
  3. Plain text is best, no fancy fonts, colors, or graphics
  4. Do not include multiple phone numbers or multiple email addresses
  5. Do not include your mailing address
  6. Include links to your most important social media profiles
  7. Create different email signatures for different uses

Examples of Different Email Signatures

Email Signature with website and blog addresses

Starla Criser


Rubbish to Publish blog:


Email Signature with one publisher

Starla Kaye/S.K. Fero

From Blushing Books:



Email Signature with multiple publishers

Starla Kaye

THEIR LADY GLORIANA, coming from Black Velvet Seductions
MAGGIE’S SECRET WISH, coming from Decadent Publishing


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