Writing an Author’s Press Release

Purpose of a press release

  1. A press release is an attempt to show an editor or reporter of the newsworthiness of the author and the book.
  2. They can be sent alone by email or postal mail.
  3. They can be part of a press kit.

Basic tips

  1. Use Times New Roman or Courier.
  2. Keep it to one page for radio and television.
  3. Include interviews, photos, a review copy of the book, and the basic press release.
  4. Put keyword links in the release.
  5. Add your releases to your website and put them into an RSS feed for increased visibility.

What to include

  1. Your name, address, phone number
  2. Title, page length, price, ISBN
  3. A quick teaser to the story line
  4. A quick author promo with awards received
  5. Brief recommendations or reviews
  6. Buy Link information or where can be purchased

Helpful links

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