Writing an Author’s Professional Bio

What is the Purpose of a Bio

  1. To promote the author and his works
  2. To give something of the author’s self to his fans

Types of Author Bios

An author should create a number of bios of varying lengths, appropriate to the proposed reader.

Magazine Bio:

  1. The shortest bio to go at the end of a magazine article should be one to two sentences, preferably one.
  2. The bio should include the author’s name, website or blog address, what he does for a living, what books the author has had published or any important awards he has won.
  3. Example: Starla Criser, aka Starla Kaye, is a full-time writer and blogger; her magazine work has been published in The Coffee Break, Intrinsic Romance Magazine, and Short Stories Magazine. She created and maintains the From Rubbish to Publish writer tools website, the Starla Criser website, and the Starla Kaye website.

Book Bio:

  1. A bio to go on a book cover or at the back of an eBook should still be fairly short, no more than fifty words.
  2. The bio should include the author’s name, website or blog address, email address, very basic personal information, and writing credentials.
  3. Example: Starla Criser has worn many hats professionally and as a writer. An active community supporter, she volunteers in many ways in Wichita, Kansas. She is a multi-published eBook and Print-On-Demand book author with several publishers, writing as Starla Criser, Starla Kaye, and S. K. Fero. Learn more about her published works at her websites: http://starlacriser.com and http://starlakaye.com. Email her at [email protected]

Query Letter Bio:

  1. This type of bio is about a quarter or less of the query letter, again around fifty words.
  2. The letter address should include the author’s real name, pseudonym, and all contact information including mailing address, phone number, email address, and URL.
  3. The bio part of the letter should include all pen names used by the author, overall writing credentials, and a reminder of the author’s URL or blog address.
  4. Example: Writing as Starla Criser, Starla Kaye, and S. K. Fero, I have over forty published novellas, novels and anthologies with iUniverse Publishing, Blushing Books, Red Rose Publishing, Black Velvet Seductions, and Decadent Publishing. Please check out my websites http://starlacriser. com and  http://starlakaye.com to find book covers and buy links for all my published work.

Author’s Website Bio:

  • This bio can be longer, maybe 100-200 words, is usually less formal, and shares more of the author’s personality since it is aimed at the author’s fans and potential fans.

Example: About Starla Criser: When I first decided to write books, I wanted to write mysteries. I didn’t grow up reading romances and only began reading them when I joined a local romance writers group about twenty years ago. But I’ve always been a huge happily-ever-after fan, especially in the Disney films. As odd as it may be, my two favorite movies are “Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” And, in a lot of ways, many of my stories are loosely based on their basic themes. It didn’t take long in my early writing career to decide that writing romance was going to “my thing.” In my career to date I’ve had published: 19 novels, 22 novellas and 6 anthologies with Blushing Books, Black Velvet Seductions, Decadent Publishing, Red Rose Publishing, and iUniverse.

I’ll admit that many of my books involve cowboys or cowgirls. I grew up watching Westerns with my dad and I am very familiar with the ranching world. There is just something about a cowboy in a low-tipped Stetson, butt-hugging jeans, work-worn boots, and… Well, I love a good cowboy, maybe a slightly “bad” cowboy even more. But I have also written a pirate book, three medieval historicals, a sci-fi, and a number of just contemporary romances.

To keep abreast of the writing markets and to network with fellow romance writers, I am a member of RWA (Romance Writers of America), the current Secretary/Newsletter Editor of Kansas Writers Association, a past president of WARA (Wichita Area Romance Authors), and an affiliate member of OWFI (Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.).

If you would like to learn even more about me and why I write the things I do, the way I do, I was interviewed at:

Love Romances & More on February 26, 2010

Cara Bristol’s Blog on November 10, 2010 (look under Author Interviews)

In addition to being a romance writer, I am also a reviewer for Got Romance Erotic Reviews.

Speaker Bio:

  1. This bio should be kept to no more than 200 words and has a definite focus of presenting the author’s qualifications for speaking on a particular subject.
  2. The bio should include the author’s qualifications, education, skills or personal experience in relation to the subject he will speak about.

What Not to Include in a Bio

  1. Age, race, marital status, or number of children
  2. Any personal information
  3. Mention that you are a first time writer
  4. Don’t include written out URL’s in a bio that is online and can have a title linked to. For example don’t write out http://starlacriser.com. Use Starla Criser (the website’s name) instead, with the link URL hidden.

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